I'm so sick and tired,
of all these things that drag me down.
Come and take me home,
lead me to your door.

Taken from Dishwalla - Home


Sometimes it feels like even your closest ones do not have the time for you.

Sometimes it seems so distant, so superficial, when you just wanna get closer.

Perhaps I should just work, do what I am meant to do.

It's been a while, since I've been home and I'm missing it.

Here I am.

Well, I really felt like putting my thoughts on somewhere.

Being less sober makes it easier. Been in Oxford and somehow I feel lost, seems like I dont belong here all of a sudden.

Be positive. Quote:

when things dont go right, they merely go left, never wrong.

Another Years Gone..

You know how fast time flies when you've been in university for two years and now being in the final year.

Yesterday was like the day moving into university and today you're unpacking, moving into another new place for the last time (at least for my undergraduate studies).

This brings me back to the whole aim of this post, ie: a dedication to my mum, cause I know she'd find time to read this blog, to check on me; despite the fact that I might be too busy/lazy to get it up.

Let me just show off about my mum, she's great for many many reasons. Recently with the passing of my grandmum, the sheer dedication she had, she'd never feel tired making trips and I mean long distances since Kajang is never ever near anywhere just to take care of my grandmother! That's one.

Apart from that, this year was rather different. I realized towards the end that I've spent quite a short time in Malaysia. Unlike before where I was traveling for a month max and then being around home either bumming or doing up an internship. This year around was less. Towards the last few days at home, I suddenly missed being around the family. I've never quite had the feeling of being unhappy of letting go. Very often I can just let things go and move on without the burden. As bad as it sounds, I mean I've been strong most of the time and this was a feeling never felt before.

Even on the fact that my parents did not stay long in Oxford when they first sent me here. I did not feel much even when they left immediately after I unpacked.

This links to another thing that I really really appreciate my mum for. I know I may not look appreciative or what BUT the moment I reach like the UK and when I unpack those stuff. I would see how nicely arranged they were! Those shirts and duvet covers/bed sheets. Man. That's when you know you have the best best best mum ever.

The questions that she'd ask you like, you wanna bring instant curry over this time? You wanna bring this? Bring that? Despite the fact that she was so busy with my late grandmother.

I mean mum, these are the small/big things that you've done and I really really thank you for that and I love you. Getting old is nothing, you had always looked the same may it be 10, 15 years ago. I cant say 20 because I would be too young to remember and I would be lying if I said 20! That's besides the point.

You know, the everlasting love and care I would repay. You will get your sports car in a few years. ;)

With much love and regret for not calling earlier. Happy Birthday Mum!! I LOVE YOU!

ps: no pictures either SINCE I do not have internet at home and currently in uni just for the internet!

The Story of.

The past few months been pretty life changing, moving from one place to another. Dont know whether it's the right decision to do this much, however I guess I'd have to find a place to practise or specialise soon. It's definitely fun trying to search within yourself but its consuming money like a mofo!

The Story of the Triumvirate in Bangladesh:

Grameen Bank HQ in Dhaka, one of the tallest, cool stuff.

Kept saying, a real estate guy's worst nightmare having to manage all of em.

Old Dhaka where we had our pictures taken infront of the Pink Palace whileeeeee....

You get 231391 people taking out their cameras and taking photos of you.

This was in the village, somehow Murakami attracted unwanted visitors

Me and the MAN I went all the way to Bangladesh for

Moving on, holidays/ self enrichment time in Bali/Lombok

Nusa Dua, sure it's beautiful

Our epic phail-ed hitchhiking attempt. We were offered taxis for 300-500k Rupiahs, eq to (usd30-50)
This was our usd$8 room up in Lovina, where we did dolphine watching the next day. Shabby place.

Sunsets really beautiful in Lovina

Somehow picture got tilted, rough black sand. Not the best place to be when it's baking hot and sunny.

Anddddd. The surfer boys :D